Nature without Borders – Maintaining a Common Natural Heritage in Dobromyl (Ukraine) and Zagorz (Poland) Communes (4 PBU1/0677/16)

Tourism Project

Country/ies: Poland, Ukraine
Region(s): Lviv
Status: Actual projects
Category: Projects and initiatives for sustainable tourism development
Link to the Tourism Strategy: Objective 2 - Develop innovative tourism management, fully integrating the needs of local people and economies and other supporting sectors, and respecting he preservation of natural and cultural heritage
Duration of the project: January 2018- on- going
Objectives and results of the project:

The aim of the project is to protect the resources of cross-border natural heritage – basin of the San river as well as to improve the use of the Carpathians natural heritage border areas and to develop the tourist offer with the principle of sustainable development. A sewage treatment plant and system will be built in Dobromyl (Ukraine) as well as almost a 30 km sewage system will be constructed in the Commune of Zagórz.

Implementing organization / institution:

Commune of Zagórz, Poland

Project partners:

City Council of Dobromyl, Ukraine

Total amount of the project: 2 220 450,17 EURO
Financing institution(s): Others
Name of program(s): Cross-border Cooperation Programme Poland - Belarus - Ukraine 2014–2020
Project website: