“The Places of Rakoczi’s glory” – the Cross-Border Touristic Route

Tourism Project

Country/ies: Hungary, Slovakia, Ukraine
Status: Closed after Sept 2014
Category: Projects for tourism development without approach to sustainability
Duration of the project: 1 April 2012 - 2 April 2014
Objectives and results of the project:

The project's main goal is to attract tourists to the key touristic attractions related to Rakoczi Ferenc the 2nd in the region.

Specific objectives of the action:
1. To create a joint touristic product – the thematic route “The Places of Rákóczi’s Glory”
2. To improve the quality of tourist services at the stations of the route “The Places of Rákoczi’s Glory”

A touristic route developed in the field of historic tourism based on historic and cultural heritage of the Hungarian/Slovak/Ukrainian Carpathian region, that includes:
- guide book (brand book) of the touristic route
- tourist guides in 5 languages
- publication as promotion
- video-film and photo presentation of the exhibition from Rákóczi museums in the target region
- service providers trained at the stations of the touristic route involved potential service suppliers along the touristic route (30 trainees, 10 per each partners country)
- 2 promotional tours along the stations of the touristic route for journalists and tourism operators
- 300 sq.m space of the Rákóczi exhibition rooms renovated in Palanok castle
- Feasibility Study done for enlargement and renovation of Rákóczi exhibition in Palanok castle
- Ferenc II. Rákóczi exposition renovated in Kosice (225 m2 in 8 rooms)
- At least 4 new touristic animations dedicated to the theme of the touristic route created in castle Palanok (Mukachevo)

Implementing organization / institution:

Mukachevo Historical Museum
Address: Ukraine, Zakarpattya, 89600 Mukachevo, Mukachevo, Castle “Palanok”, Zamkova hora
Tel: + 380 23141579

Project partners:

Union of Social and cultural development "Pannonia", Ukraine
Address: Ukraine, Zakarpattya, 88015 Uzhgorod, Kapushanska street 149/47.

Small Business and Innovation Development Association “Uzhgorod–Ist Century”, Ukraine
Address: Ukraine, Zakarpattya, 88000 Uzhhorod, Mukachivska street 75.

Záhony Representation of Eastern Hungarian European Initiations Foundation, Hungary
Address: Hungary, Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg, 4625 Záhony, Európa Square 20.

East Slovak Museum in Košice, Slovakia
Address: Slovakia, Kosice, 4001 Kosice, Hviezdoslavova Street 3.

Total amount of the project: 489 888,00 €
Financing institution(s): National, regional, local government or institutions
Name of program(s): Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine ENPI Cross-border Cooperation Programme