Travelling Puppets

Tourism Project

Title in original language: Cestujúce bábky

Country/ies: Slovakia, Ukraine
Status: Closed after Sept 2014
Category: Projects and initiatives for tourism development with only partial contents for sustainability
Link to the Tourism Strategy: Objective 3 - Establish a continuous process of awareness raising, capacity building, education and training on sustainable tourism development and management at all levels
Duration of the project: 10/2015 – 04/2017
Objectives and results of the project:

Objective: Improve the cross-border flow of information on the border regions of Ukraine and Slovakia (Transcarpathian Region and Košice Self-Governing Region) by presenting a common cultural heritage in an innovative, child-focused way. Результати: 1st Improving cross-border flow of information 2. Created a new way of presenting and raising awareness of CR attractiveness related to the common history of target regions.
1.Tourist tour " Time machine".
2.Development of infrastructure of sport and active tourism.
3.Awareness raising on the development of sport and active tourism.

Implementing organization / institution:

Košice Self-Governing Region
Námestie Maratónu mieru 1
042 66 Košice

Project partners:

1. Puppet Theatre in Košice, Slovakia
2.Regional Tourism Organization of Košice Region, Slovakia
3.Transcarpathian Academic Regional Puppet Theatre BAVKA, Ukraine
4.ASEZ - Association of Students-Economists of Zakarpattya, Ukraine

Total amount of the project: 654 468,00 EURO
Financing institution(s): National, regional, local government or institutions
Name of program(s): SK08 Cross‐border Cooperation of Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009 ‐ 2014