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5 April 2018

The EU Pollinators Initiative

European Habitats Forum, where CEEweb is a member, published a position on the EU Pollinators Initiative welcoming its launch by the European Commission. The EU Pollinators Initiative should comprise both legally binding measures (e.g. changes to relevant EU acquis, for instance on pesticides) as well as voluntary elements (exchange of knowledge and best practices). The aim of the initiative should be to establish an integrated EU approach to tackle the decline of pollinators by raising its political profile, increasing the effectiveness of EU policies and evaluating potential EU policy gaps for pollinators. It is important to include the evaluation of potential EU policy gaps, as existing policies, even with higher effectiveness, might not be enough to fully address the decline of pollinators. The pollinators initiative should as a priority include measures to 1) restore essential pollinators’ habitats and increase their connectivity in agricultural landscapes and; 2) address harmful subsidies and incentives in the Common Agriculture Policy and replace them with incentives for practices benefitting pollinators; 3) prevent the harmful impact of pesticides by ensuring their sustainable use, reviewing the pesticides approval process, and addressing the problem of abusive derogations and lack of transparency on the actual use of pesticides in the EU. You can read the full position here: Position on The EU Pollinators Initiative, European Habitats Forum members, including CEEweb March 2018 (pdf)