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22 May 2017

The winners: air, water, nutrition

We have the results of our “What is your favorite gift from nature?” contest! It seems that nothing can beat clean air, clean water and nutrition because those are the most popular ecosystem services chosen by the Members of the European Parliament who voted in our online contest.

We selected 12 ecosystem services: nutrition (tasting nature), clean air (Take a Deep Breath), clean water (Thirst for Life), medicine (The Healing Power), raw materials (In a Raw), recreation opportunities (Moving Forward), pest and disease control (On a Patrol), pollination and seed dispersal (No Bees? No Food, No Humans), flood and storm protection (To Serve and to Protect), climate regulation (Keeps it Cool), pollution and toxic substances control (Detox for our Planet) and opportunities for spiritual interactions (The Sixth Dimension) for the contest. We are sure it was a tough choice – each ecosystem service is valuable, if not existential.

Next, we will present ecosystem services at the “How can People and the Economy benefit from Nature? Stories from Citizens”conference in Brussels on 7 June. The conference will gather members of the European Parliament, representatives of the European Commission, the European Council, scientific community, civil society, private sector and other relevant stakeholders.

This event will present examples on how nature can provide answers to many societal and environmental challenges the European Union faces today.  Citizens coming from different sectors will share their personal experiences about living and working in Natura 2000 sites, and we will showcase successful products from this area accompanied by inspiring background stories about the collaborations and the related socio-economic benefits.

We are inviting you to register now http://bit.ly/StoriesFromCitizens and also to join us for the concert by our Friend of Natura 2000 Katy Carr and to taste the nature with us – we will offer delicious, organic Italian products and a Belgian beer! Registration is free.