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1 August 2018

Too hot? Plan a getaway from the city!

It’s heating up across Europe, with temperatures here in Budapest reaching 33 °C, and other areas like Bolzano in Italy getting as hot as 35°C! Why not escape from the sweltering temperatures and visit one of the many waterside locations of Natura 2000 sites?

You can cool off at a site such as the Skocjan Caves Regional Park in Slovenia. Here, you can experience the beautiful Reka Gorge and vast underground caves. The site contains archaeological finds dating from the Mesolithic Age to the Middle Ages, making this a perfect place to embrace both nature and culture.

The meandering rivers of Soomaa National Park provide another opportunity for refreshment, and the site is home to such varied and colourful wildlife as golden eagles, black storks and brown bears.

Have a look at this map to find a beautiful Natura 2000 water spot near you.

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