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26 January 2018

Urging Bulgarian PM to stop Pirin destruction

Pirin National Park is a World Heritage Site located in South-West Bulgaria, and is home to old growth pine forests, wolves and bears. In a surprise move last December, the management plan of the park was changed to allow construction on an additional 47% of the park. This decision came days before Bulgaria took over as President of the European Council, and while the new management plan is being reviewed by the Administrative Court in Bulgaria for fears of allowing too much unsubstantiated environmental damage. WWF together with the For the Nature coalition started a campaign over a year ago urging the prime minister of Bulgaria, Boyko Borisov, to take steps to protect the park, which is also a part of the Natura 2000 protection sites in the EU. Over 120 000 individuals from Bulgaria and the EU have signed an online petition urging Mr. Borisov to stop this and prevent the large-scale building of ski resorts in the park. What can you do?  Sign the petition, and spread the word on social media using the hashtag #SavePirin. Want to find out more?  Read WWF’s press release.