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25 November 2016

We sent 779 letters for nature

Our team was very busy last two days with sending out personalised letters to all the 28 Commissioners and to 751 Members of the European Parliament, asking them to urge the European Commission’s President Juncker and Vice President Timmermans to release the results of the fitness check of Natura 2000. We want to make sure that the laws protecting this biggest nature conservation area stay intact.

As an illustration of the fragility of European species, we also sent a short film Too Cool to Be Killed by Brigitta Katyina (the winner of Act Naturally category of the Green Go Short Film Contest).

Why did we send the letter now? 

Because it came to our knowledge that the issue of releasing the fitness check results will be discussed at the next College of Commissioners. The results were supposed to be published earlier this year, but the dates are being postponed.

Having in mind Natura 2000 benefits for economy, society and biodiversity, we believe it is very important for the results to be finally published, confirming that the directives are fit for purpose and that there will be no further revisions or changes and that the focus will shift to their better implementation.

Half a million European citizens have already showed their support to Natura 2000 and we hope that Commissioners and MEPs will do the same.

You can read the full text of the letter here.

Want to back European nature? Join our informal group Friends of Natura 2000 and our Twitter campaign.

For any further questions, contact Monika Kotulak: kotulak@nullceeweb.org