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7 November 2018

When art meets wilderness

Looking for inspiration for our “Go Wild! Stay Cultured” photo contest? Check out what the European Wilderness Society recently accomplished.

Just when the routine gets to be too frenzy of a state, the need to reach out for a space that awakens all your senses emerges. And, thus, in the need to unplug from the concrete jungle, how about you go wild while staying cultured? Or, in other words, participate to our photo contest “Go Wild! Stay Cultured.” By having understood that Europe is home not only to wonderful natural areas, but also to a long history within which cultural patterns have merged with the wilderness, the idea of the contest is for everyone to explore and photograph how nature has come to syncretize with breathtaking cultural representations within any of the Natura 2000 sites.

Of course, if you are looking for some inspiration, the European Wilderness Society might have a recipe of success for you. Last August, they organised the 5-day WILDArt Plein Air event in the National Nature Park “Synevyr,” Ukraine. The initiative, which looks forward to catalysing a connection between artists and some of the wildest areas in Europe, gathered 11 artists coming from Netherlands, Austria, Czech Republic, Romania and Ukraine. The artists immersed themselves in the Ukrainian wilderness and experienced the heart-stirring beauty of pristine nature to later convey the sights through their different artistic expressions.

Their paintings, photos, land art and dances made up a collage where nature was brought together in harmony with culture. The oeuvres were exposed on the final day of the WILDArt Plein Air week, helping to build up a community of artists who advocate for wilderness while conveying powerful messages on the natural treasures that need to be cherished and preserved.



Thus, if you are an artist looking forward to such an experience, stay posted for the next WILDArt Plein Air, to be organized in the Majella National Park, Italy. And in the meantime, grab your camera, visit a Natura 2000 site and send us your best pictures depicting the links between nature and culture.

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