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22 August 2019

Winter is coming!

Time to howl! Check out the wolf pack recently recorded by a wildlife camera trap in Aggtelek National Park!

By Ingrid Easton

There is wisdom in wolves. And around them, certainly. In the acclaimed series of books, A Song of Ice and Fire (also known by the TV adaptation Game of Thrones), writer George R.R. Martin wrote: “When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.” This quote is undeniably true, especially when watching a pack of six gray wolves roaming at night through the woods of the Aggtelek National Park.

Aggtelek is located in northern Hungary, right on the border with Slovakia, in a branch of the Carpathian Mountains. The mountains provide a natural corridor for the gray wolves (whose numbers have been gladly increasing in this area) to move through,. Proof of this can be seen in this video recently made by Ádám Szabó, Zoological Specialist at Aggtelek National Park Directorate (ANPI), in which a wolf pack was captured on film by a wildlife camera trap.

Nevertheless, there is still a lot of conservation work to be done to protect this endangered species. That is why the ConnectGREEN project, funded by the Interreg Danube Transnational Programme, is working to tackle the existing conflict between infrastructure development and wildlife conservation. How? By implementing a sustainable infrastructure planning approach for the Carpathian region, which will integrate both perspectives. This approach will help preserve the gray wolf’s natural habitat connectivity throughout Czechia, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Serbia, and Ukraine.