CEEweb, together with its project partners, is exploring and advocating the climate mitigation potential of various agricultural practices that often come with additional benefits for farmland biodiversity.

Below, you can find some reading materials in English and Hungarian to add up to this task.


Cutting emissions from farming: Climate mitigation potential, costs, trade-offs and co-benefits of measures and the barriers to implementation by CE Delft
Greenhouse gas emission statistics – Emission Inventories by Eurostat
Summary of GHG Emissions for Hungary by United Nations Climate Change Secretariat
#LastChanceCAP: Agriculture policy must limit global warming by EEB and BirdLife
Trends and projections in Hungary 2017: Tracking progress towards Europe’s climate and energy targets by EEA


A mezőgazdaságból származó ÜHG kibocsátás az EU-ban – Adatlap
A mezőgazdaság kibocsátás-csökkentési potenciálja: módjai, előnyök, hátrányok – Áttekintés