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Natural Capital Declaration

NCD logoThe Natural Capital Declaration (NCD) works on integrating Natural Capital into financial products and services. Its four commitments are Understanding, Integrating, Accounting and Disclosing and Reporting.

“The Natural Capital Declaration (NCD) is a finance sector initiative, endorsed at CEO-level, to integrate natural capital considerations into loans, equity, fixed income and insurance products, as well as in accounting, disclosure and reporting frameworks.”

You can read the full text of the declaration here: The Natural Capital Declaration.

Our Natural Capital delivers benefits worth trillions of US dollars every year. It provides food, water, health benefits, energy, climate security and other essential services for everyone. Despite all of its measurable benefits, it is not adequately valued as compared to social and financial capital.

It is important for (financial) institutions to sign the declaration as:

  • We need to correct the price signals in the world economy to address the hidden and external costs
  • We must get a grip on institutions’ risks and opportunities through impacts and dependencies on natural capital
  • We should be able to quantitatively account for these risks and opportunities

You can view the list of signatories here.

Governance: United Nations Environment Programme’s Finance Initiative; Global Canopy Programme

Website: http://www.naturalcapitaldeclaration.org/



The Natural Capital Declaration

The Natural Capital Declaration and Roadmap brochure

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