operas-main-logoThe OPERAs project (Operational Potential of Ecosystem Research Applications) is a project whose aim is to connect research and practice in the fields of ecvosystem services and natural capital. Partners in the project include European research institutions, universities, consultancies and Small and medium Entreprises. The project’s goal is to facilitate effective cooperation between researchers and practicioners to create principles, methodologies and guidelines for sound ecosystem management.

As detailed on the Project’s website OPERAs’s objectives include:

  1. “To improve understanding of the effects that multiple drivers have on ecosystem management in the context of EU regulatory frameworks and how these impact ecosystem services;
  2. To explore and validate mechanisms, instruments and best practices to maintain a sustainable flow of ecosystem services, while preserving ecological value and biological diversity;
  3. To qualify any trade-offs/synergies between the traits and functions of ecosystem services and their social and economic values both in Europe and globally;
  4. To improve existing decision-support tools and instruments to better capture and represent the concepts of ecosystem services;
  5. To provide policymakers and stakeholders with clear guidelines on effective and cost-efficient ecosystem services governance structures and practical management measures;
  6. To develop and test protocols to generate ecosystem services datasets and policy indicators that are both consistent and sensitive to bio-physical and socio-economic change;
  7. To ensure the long-term perennity of key databases and other major research outputs”.

Website: http://www.operas-project.eu/