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Our objective and activities

Our ultimate objective is to make the next MFF “sustainable proofed”, which can support the European transition to sustainability and contribute to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals with European actions.

We believe that such a reformed MFF:

  • Benefits the public and contribute to increased well-being of all Europeans in a sustainable way,
  • Responds the biggest challenges in Europe that require a common European answer,
  • Conserves the environmental precondition for any kind of development and human well-being, and thus reduces the total environmental pressure in absolute terms,
  • Prevents the problems instead of pure mitigation.

Together with its Peoples budget campaign partners within SDG Watch Europe, CEEweb works towards these objectives through developing expert opinions based on the principles of sustainability and advocating for suitable sustainability proofing tools during the policy cycle of the next MFF.



Stakeholder screening

Under SDG Watch Europe a wide range of stakeholders were consulted through an online questionnaire in January-March 2017. This stakeholder screening helps to draw lessons from the current MFF, map the expectations and gather recommendations for the next MFF and to start a dialogue in a wide circle with an open attitude. The results are also channeled into the work on developing sustainability proofing guidelines. Download the highlights of the survey results and the summary report.

Sustainability proofing guidelines

An MFF Advisory Group combining various expertise started to discuss sustainability proofing of the next MFF in 2016 December, with a view to identify proofing tools and principles that can make the next MFF deliver on the 2030 Agenda and shift to sustainability. The work also draws experiences from the similar work done for biodiversity proofing (guidance documents developed to the European Commission by IEEP and others, and the “Biodiversity proofing of EU Cohesion Policy funds with a view to sustainable development” developed by CEEweb  in 2014). The results of the stakeholder screening were also be channeled into the discussions.

Based on the work of the MFF Advisory Group co-facilitated by CEEweb and other partners, SDG Watch Europe adopted eight sustainability principles for the next MFF, which can set the basis for sustainability proofing the next MFF.

Advocacy work in partnerships with European stakeholders

CEEweb is advocating for a reformed MFF in partnership with other European stakeholders, in particular within SDG Watch Europe. Introducing sustainability proofing of the next MFF is a strategic objective of our advocacy work. With our partners we address European and national decision makers and also provide NGO views into the related debate on the future of Europe.



Position for the Reflection paper of EU finances by SDG Watch Europe, CEEweb and CEE Bankwatch Network, June 2017 (pdf)

Sustainability principles for the next Multiannual Financial Framework, May 2017 (pdf)

6th scenario of European NGOs for the future of Europe, May 2017 (pdf)

SDG Watch Europe Recommendations for the Council Conclusions, April 2017 (pdf)