Did you know that the annual economic burden of health impacts from air pollution in Europe is more than 1 trillion EUR? Have you heard about the rehabilitation garden in Sweden that improves mental health of patients and significantly lowers primary care costs? Our new publication on green infrastructure (GI) and health presents the most recent scientific findings and evidence on beneficial effects and economic advantages of having more nature, collected and/or compiled by institutions such as World Health Organization and the Institute for the European Environment Policy. We will send this publication to the representatives of national health authorities in Central and Eastern Europe, calling them to invest more time, capacities and funds in promoting the development of GI in their countries. By raising awareness and calling for action on national levels, we are hoping to contribute to a better and more concrete integration of green infrastructure and health on the ground. You can read more about it here  – feel free to use and share the content!


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Green Infrastructure, Ecosystem Services, and Human Health

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