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Other activities


A different approach to serving sustainability Sustainability means much more than simply putting three dimensions - social, environmental and economic - together. It requires to re-evaluating our relations to the environment, society and economy at the same time. Increasing human well-being should be the ultimate aim of any kind of development, which in its complexity demands a More »

Biodiversity Policies and Conventions

CEEweb for Biodiversity works on a number of topics that are related to the conservation of biodiversity in a direct or indirect way such as biodiversity conventions and legislation, agricultural policies and tourism, as well as sustainable development that provides the basis for all these efforts and can make them happen. Besides, these activities take More »

Climate Change and Biodiversity

CEEweb, as an organization focusing primarily on biodiversity issues, has the mission of promoting the deep interrelation between climate change and biodiversity, and facilitating coherence between these two fields. Despite lots of efforts during the last 20 years from local to international levels, global CO2 concentration have increased in the atmosphere by 35% since 1990, and More »

Capacity Building

Apart from various unrelated training possibilities CEEweb has three programs where members are regularly offered capacity building: its Annual Meetings and the CEEweb Academy. Every year the staff from the CEEweb Policy Office visit some of the CEEweb Members in order to share views about CEEweb main policy fields, proactive lobbying and to enhance cooperation. More »

Biodiversity proofing

EU funds (Structural and Cohesion Funds) already require indicators showing that projects consider sustainability and social aspects. However, there are still no system of criteria for biodiversity and ecosystem services consideration, which allow projects having negative impacts on these assets. As developing program supplement documents and call for proposals of the Operational Programmes (OPs) 2014-2020 More »