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Biodiversity proofing

EU funds (Structural and Cohesion Funds) already require indicators showing that projects consider sustainability and social aspects. However, there are still no system of criteria for biodiversity and ecosystem services consideration, which allow projects having negative impacts on these assets. As developing program supplement documents and call for proposals of the Operational Programmes (OPs) 2014-2020 are still being formulated in 2014 and next years, Member States should be alerted to include these aspects in EU funding schemes and enable funding for those projects only, which have no or limited negative impacts on the environment.

Our main aim is the MSs include effective biodiversity and ecosystem services conservation criteria in the funding mechanisms in order to make sure that EU funded projects will not harm biodiversity and ecosystem services at any level, and the CEE NGOs get more knowledge and elevated capacities as well as increased networking skills to influence such procedures and get more involved in national level advocacy work and project development, through the following activities.