Regional Level

CEEweb is involved into the preparation of Sustainable Tourism Development Strategy for the Carpathians. The strategy will be delivered to the next Conference of the Parties to the Carpathian Convention in October 2014.

CEEweb and Ecological Tourism in Europe, E.T.E., with wide involvement of stakeholders from the Carpathian countries, developed a draft tourism protocol to the Carpathian Convention in the framework of EU-funded Carpathian Project. In 2010, a Protocol on Sustainable Tourism was adopted, which provides a legally binding frame for the development of sustainable tourism in the Carpathians. To assure the implementation of the protocol a strategy is needed. In response to that need, a project that seeks to elaborate the requested strategy for the Carpathians was started. Check out the project on sustainable tourism development strategy >>

The protection and sustainable development of the Carpathians are the objectives of the Carpathian Convention, with a view to inter alia improving quality of life, strengthening local economies and communities, and conservation of natural values and cultural heritage. For more information about the Carpathian Convention visit the official website of the Carpathian Convention.