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Resource Cap Coalition

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The Resource Cap Coalition (RCC) brings together European organisations advocating for a global resource use reduction, a precondition for sustainability. This shall be achieved for the aim of halting biodiversity loss and maintaining, as well as recovering ecosystem services, which underpin human wellbeing. But resource use reduction shall be realised hand in hand with poverty reduction and building a green economy. The proposed European Energy Budget Scheme, (see the infographic) which is based on the TEQs from the UK and the energy entitlement scheme from Hungary, offers integrated tools for resource use reduction, bringing social, environmental and economic benefits at the same time. In addition, there are also other policy tools, which can help realising a resource capped economy.

Why do we need to cap our resource use?

What are the tools that the Resource Cap Coalition advocates for?

For more information and for joining the Coalition, contact Klára Hajdu, Senior Policy Officer