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Working Groups

There are five Working Groups in CEEweb:

Member organizations of the CEEweb network can establish thematic Working Groups as mission-oriented task forces, led by an elected Chair and receiving financial and administrative support from the Policy office for implementing their work programme. The Working Groups set their own goals and objectives, stated in their annual work programme. The resources provided by CEEweb and the own fundraising activities of the Working Groups constitute the financial basis for their activities.

The procedure to establish a Working Group

Any member organization or the Policy Office can propose the establishment of a new Working Group. The proponent should first examine the opportunity to include the specific topic into the activities of an already existing Working Group. In case it is not possible, a new Working Group can be proposed and a draft work programme shall be developed by the proponent and distributed to the members of the network. In case at least five member organizations express their will to participate in the Working Group and the Policy Office also confirms, that there is sufficient capacity in the office to assist the coordination of the Working Group, the proponent and/or the would-be members shall present the draft work program at the next Annual Meeting, which will decide on endorsing the Working Group. The Working Group shall have the opportunity to have its first meeting during the Annual Meeting. In case the need arises, with the approval of the CEEweb Board the Working Group may be established and start its activities prior to official endorsement. This decision is done on a case-by-case basis.