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Minutes of the CITES Working Group Meeting
July 8, 2004, Budapest, Hungary


Name Organization E-mail
Anna IVÁNYI CEEweb ivanyi@nullceeweb.org
Borys KALA Salamandra borys@nullsalamandra.org.pl
Márton A. KELEMEN Milvus Group marton.kelemen@nullmilvus.ro
Andrzej KEPEL Salamandra andrzej@nullsalamandra.org.pl
Ivailo KLISUROV Green Balkans greenbalsz@nullorbinet.bg
Tana PASKOVA BROZ paskova@nullchangenet.sk broz@nullchangenet.sk
James STEPHENSON Green Balkans greenbalsz@nullorbinet.bg 


Anna Iványi, CEEweb

Progress report

Márton A. Kelemen, the Chair of the Working Group gave a brief overview on the progress made since the last meeting, held in Krakow in November. The consequences drawn were the following:

  • the mailing list is working quite well, however it could be made even livelier
  • the website of the Working Group is being slowly, but continuously improved
  • the promotional leaflet will be soon ready for printing

Preparation for Working Group presentation

The Chair has been asked to present the activities of the Working Group the following day at the IFAW conference. The members present finalized the presentation, and added the results achieved so far.

Finalization of project concept

The participants discussed and finalized the project concept aiming to assess the implementation of the CITES treaty in certain CEE countries. The goal of the project is to gain a clear picture of the deficiencies and urgent needs in the field of international and domestic wildlife trade.

Participation at CITES CoP13

The last issue discussed was the representation of the Working Group at the 13th Conference of the Parties of CITES, organized in Bangkok, Thailand, from 2 to 14 October, 2004. The participants of the meeting decided to send two representatives, Márton Kelemen and Andrzej Kepel to the CoP, depending on the availability of budget.