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Summary of the Second CITES Working Group Meeting

As part of the Annual Meeting in Krakow, the 2nd meeting of the CITES Working Group was held in the afternoon of 10th of November 2004. Delegates of four member organizations took part (representing members from Bulgaria, Poland, Romania and Slovakia) on the meeting.

Because of the time shortage the discussions were focused on two main topics.

First, the draft version of the leaflet introducing the WG was presented, and a lot of discussions about possible changes and errors took place. As a result of the discussions the leaflet became much better. The participants agreed that for the moment the leaflet will be published only in a very limited extent, as the number of participant organizations and countries (also presented on the leaflet) will probably change significantly.

Second, we discussed in details about new organizations interested in joining the WG, and agreed that everybody interested should fill in a questionnaire similar with the one filled out by the founders of the WG. We agreed upon the persons who should contact the different interested organizations.

Finally a short discussion about possibilities to improve the WGs web-page took place.