New Seminars

In recent years, the Biogeographical Process has been updated. It is now launched with a kick-off seminar in a region, and then review seminars. These review seminars allow stakeholders to check in on actions discussed in the kick-off seminar, and discuss further action. The seminars are hosted by a volunteering Member State or region, still with co-organization from the EC. Before each seminar, a pre-scoping document is prepared by ETC/BD.

  • “Kick-off” seminar aim: “to draw initial conclusions and recommendations on specific issues for more in-depth cooperation, networking and cooperative action during the biogeographical process in the respective region and where appropriate also between regions”
  • Participants:
    • Relevant experts (selected and proposed by the Member States and involved stakeholder organizations)
    • Experts from the Commission, EEA, ETC/BD and Natura 2000 Users’ Forum
  • Outcome of seminars: jointly agreed list of recommendations and priority actions on the part of Member States and expert networks
  • Review seminars’ aim: to monitor and evaluate results, identify and recommend priorities and opportunities for the further and continuous development of the process
    • Timing of these depends on necessity and development/results of process
    • May cover all habitat groups in the biogeographical region or have a specific focus

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