The Birds and Habitats Directive set the basis for the largest international protected area network, the Natura 2000, which is a milestone for preserving European biodiversity. The network covers almost one fifth of the European Union’s area, it is comprised of approximately 26 000 sites on land and water and protects around one thousand valuable habitats and species.

CEEweb’s Natura 2000 Working Group was established in 2003 in order to support the designation and management of Natura 2000 in the new EU Member States. The working group’s main aim is information and experience exchange and the capacity building among the Working Group members.

Chair: Paweł Pawlaczyk, Naturalists Club Poland

Coordinator: Monika Kotulak, CEEweb for Biodiversity

Join us! Please email the WG coordinator Monika Kotulak at kotulak[at]ceeweb[dot]org if you are interested to join or find out more!