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Brussels 2011


Boreal Pilot Seminar NGO Strategic Meeting and Natura 2000 Working
Group Meeting
14-16 November 2011, Brussels

At the working group meeting in Brussels on 14-16 November, eleven CEEweb members from nine countries participated to discuss the boreal biogeographical issues with the Brussels NGOs and to form a common position in relation to numerous Natura 2000, Green Infrastructure and climate change adaptation issues in order to present their common
messages and questions to the European Commission.

On the first day of the meeting, within the frame of the Boreal Pilot Seminar NGO Strategic Meeting, Brussels NGOs and CEEweb members discussed the tasks and duties within the process. Sarolta Tripolszky (EEB) presented the latest development of the new biogeographic seminar, which was followed by the strategic discussion and the task allocation. The NGOs’ main role now to select experts to be delegated by EHF to the seminars and to comment on the draft seminar documents and the Habitats Sheet, if possible.

On the second day of the Natura 2000 Working Group, CEEweb members came together to discuss the points listed by the agenda to form a joint message and to agree on common questions presented to the Commission on the following day. The following topics were discussed: CEEweb’s Rio+20 position, the EU’s Biodiversity Strategy 2020, Innovative Financing Mechanisms and Natura 2000 Financing, Green Infrastructure within the Visegrad Countries’ study, climate change adaptation, Natura 2000 management and pilot process of Poland, infringement and the Emerald Network.

On November 16, CEEweb members met François Wakenhut, Head of Bio-Diversity Unit and Stefan Leiner, Head of Nature Unit from Directorate General Environment, European Commission. During the two-hour meeting, CEEweb members had the chance to present our messages, raise questions and get familiar with recent EU processes.

The agenda of the meeting can be downloaded from here.
The report of the meeting can be downloaded from here.


Sarolta Tripolszky (EEB) – What is the new biogeographic process (pdf)


The event is generously supported by the Europan Commission, but does not necessarily reflect its opinions and positions.