JOINUS!Members of the Natura 2000 Working Group

If you would like to join the Working Group please contact the coordinator, Agnes Zolyomi (zolyomi[at]ceeweb[dot]org).

  1. BROZ – Regional Association for Nature Conservation and Sustainable Development
  2. Naturalists Club Poland
  3. Latvian Fund for Nature
  4. Lithuanian Fund for Nature
  5. Milvus Group
  6. The Polish Society for Nature Protection “Salamandra”
  7. Green Action
  8. Carpathian Ecological Club “Ruthenia”
  9. Estonian Fund for Nature
  10. Sunce Association for Nature, Environment and Sustainable Development
  11. Macedonian Ecological Society
  12. Green Balkans
  13. Young Researchers of Serbia
  14. Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation
  15. Raptor Protection of Slovakia
  16. ADEPT Foundation
  17. Green Home
  18. ProCarpathia
  19. Friends of the Earth Hungary
  20. Academic Section of the Polish Country Lovers’ Association in Krakow
  21. Protego
  22. Ecological Movement of Macedonia