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The Policy Working Group has had several meetings since 2008 for discussing the complex cause-effect relationships related to biodiversity loss, reflecting on various aspects and fields such as agriculture, trade, nature conservation, the monetary system or tourism.

During the discussions the members agreed on a common vision:

Our vision is reducing the pressure on biodiversity as much as possible in terms of emission, use of natural resources and space, so that biodiversity can adapt to the more and more changing environment induced by human activities and can maintain its functions. Degraded ecosystems are to be rehabilitated if pressures are not increased as a result.
We understand that environmental pressures include emissions, e.g. chemicals from fertilisation, greenhouse gas from fossil fuels, wastes from industry and households; use of space, e.g. urban expansion, establishing infrastructures; and use of resources e.g. taking specimens from nature through logging, hunting, use of groundwater.

In order to provide an integrated policy tool for resource use, the PWG endorsed a proposal for limiting non-renewable energy use in Europe through a quota scheme. In addition, CEEweb initiatied the Resource Cap Coalition, which brings together likeminded NGOs, research institutes and other organisations to advocate for limiting resource use.

The PWG and other experts now also discuss the possibilities of ensuring sustainable land use through effective policy tools. The outcomes of the Visegrad project on green infrastructure and land use also feed into this process.