During the strategic planning in the course of 2007 CEEweb decided to better focus on proactive policy work for promoting sustainable development and nature conservation in a holistic manner.

The establishment of a Policy Working Group (PWG) was officially decided by the Annual Meeting in 2007. The mandate of this new Working Group was to develop policy responses to the various drivers of biodiversity loss. The methodological work of the PWG is based on the so called DPSIR (drivers-pressures-state-impact-response) model developed by the European Environment Agency.

The Working Group formulates policy proposals, which are channelled into the EU, regional and national consultation processes through the Policy Office and the CEEweb Working Groups. Besides, this Policy body of the network tries to find ways how the current economic and legal regulatory frameworks should be changed in order to stop the enormuos loss of biodiversity.

The overall goal of the PWG is to convince decision makers to inegrate its proposals into climate change and sustainable policies. These new pathways should based on holistic and integrated approach, in which the drivers (both economic and social) and not merely the pressures are responded to.

At present this Working Group is chaired by Iván Gyulai (EISD, Hungary).

With suggestions or questions contact Agnes Zolyomi.

CEEweb proposal on Fossil Energy Quota System