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Rural Development

The priorities for the activities of the Working Group in 2013 are specified in the annual work programme of CEEweb adopted by the Annual Meeting. Our efforts will focus on greening of the CAP post 2013, since this new common policy will have a big influence on the rural areas of CEE countries that belong to the EU.

The objective of the WG in general is to integrate the concept of sustainability into the agricultural and rural development policy in CEE countries with a view to maintain and enhance biodiversity in rural areas. We also promote the integration of conservation principles into agriculture and improve the quality of life in the countryside.


Agricultural management plays a key role in the maintenance of valued cultural landscapes as well as biodiversity-rich farmlands all over Europe. Two main tendencies are identified as menacing factors of nature values, namely intensification and land abandonment. Once these two tendencies and their negative impacts are identified, it is of great importance to interfere and influence the driving forces behind them.
Taking into consideration all these threats and with regards to the needs of preparation of CEE countries -being mostly EU candidates- for the EU accession and for the implementation of the Common Agricultural Policy, CEEweb’s Annual Meeting in April 2003 decided to establish an Agri-environment Working Group (AE WG).

This Working Group changed the name in 2006 (Rural Development WG), because the members would like to deal with other aspects as well, like food and seed soveregnity, quality of life in the coutryside, rural development strategies and plans.

With suggestions or questions please contact Nat Page, the Coordinator of the Working Group.