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Sustainable Tourism

Rural TourismThe priorities for the activities of the Working Group are specified in the annual work programme of CEEweb adopted by the Annual Meeting.

Biodiversity seriously suffers from unsustainable exploitation, pollution and land-use changes throughout Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Sustainable forms of tourism could provide opportunities as well as challenges for the sustainable use of biodiversity. To contribute to the safeguarding of natural and cultural heritage of the CEE region, alternatives have to be found. Taking into consideration the enlargement of the European Union and the increased consumer demands for tourism and recreation in the region, it is now needed to establish the necessary capacities for managing tourism successfully in the region.

Having identified the need to improve the capacity and enhance the knowledge of NGOs working on tourism and biodiversity, the goal of the Sustainable Tourism Working Group is to make tourism in Central and Eastern European countries sustainable through joint activities, such as information exchange, promoting good practices, training and education, policy-making, pilot projects and lobbying. The Working Group complements and supports the efforts under the European Agenda 21 for Tourism and the International Guidelines for Biodiversity and Tourism Development of the Convention on Biological Diversity. Hence the Working Group contributes to the work of nature conservation NGOs, ministries and other institutions.

The primary focus of the Working Group is the internal information exchange and the education of the members of the Working Group, then targeting and involving all other stakeholders.

The Working Group is open to all interested parties: please contact Zolyomi Agens at zolyomi@nullceeweb.org. CEEweb member NGOs may become full members of the Working Group.