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Annual Meeting and CEEweb Academy 2011

CEEweb Annual Meeting and Academy on Addressing resource use for halting biodiversity loss in Dobogókő, Hungary, 25–28 October 2011

About 40 CEE NGO representatives met in Dobogókõ in Hungary to share ideas on the topic of resource use and its impact on global biodiversity as well as to identify proper tools to shift humanity onto the path of sustainability. Besides, discussion took place about the future activities of CEEweb including strengthening the network with establishing the networking national focal point system.

Addressing resource use for halting biodiversity loss

The first two days were dedicated to the workshop on Addressing resource use for halting biodiversity loss. Participants had a chance to listen to presentations about ongoing global, EU and national processes related to the issue. Besides, detailed lectures were held about a tool, through which absolute resource use reduction could be realized. The so-called energy quota scheme and its impact assessment were also discussed in smaller groups as well as in the framework of a role play, during which participants could gain the same level of understanding about this proposed tool. Closing the workshop, next steps on how to extend the energy quota scheme onto EU as well as CEE national levels were identified and conclusions on future activities were discussed.

During the two day discussion participants were also given the opportunity to have a four-hour walk in the neighboring forest guided by representatives of local forestry. Besides, attendees ended the days with tasting delicious Hungarian wine and with listening to the presentations of new CEEweb applicants.

András Krolopp, CEEweb for Biodiversity:
Veronika Kiss, CEEweb for Biodiversity:
Ágnes Zólyomi, CEEweb for Biodiversity:
Indrek Talpsep, Estonian Fund for Nature:
Prof. Edita Stojic Karanovic, International Scientific Forum “Danube –
River of Cooperation”, Marina Ilic, School for Survival:
Gabriela Poznikova, BROZ – Regional Association for Nature Conservation and Sustainable Development:
Veronika Kiss, CEEweb for Biodiversity:
Iván Gyulai, Institute for Sustainable Development:
Iván Gyulai, Institute for Sustainable Development:
Katalin Mozsgai, Endre Tombácz, Öko Zrt.:
Nat Page, Razvan Popa, Fundatia ADEPT Transilvania:
Consultation on Commission proposals to promote Local and direct sales – linking small-scale farming, rural vitality and efficient resource use
Background documents and reports
    Several environmental and socio-economic challenges threaten the wellbeing of citizens of the globe today, which call for a structural change in the global economy.
  • Report on workshop “Addressing resource use for halting biodiversity loss”
  • Study on the interlinkages between energy resource use and biodiversity loss
Annual Meeting and Working Group Meetings

During the third day, the members of the Working Groups: Natura 2000, Rural Development and Sustainable Tourism discussed their activities for the next year. The rest of the day was devoted to finalize the Work Programme for 2012 and CEEweb Annual Meeting. During the event, representatives of member organizations voted on new applicants and on new candidates of fulfilling positions in the Board and International Advisory Committee as well as in the Supervisory Committee. The day was packed with lots of discussions and comments. As a result all new member applications and the Working Plan for 2012 were adopted as well as positions were fulfilled.

At the end of the day all participants had the pleasure to take part in cultural evening, during which they tried specialties from different countries.

Training for networking National Focal Points (NFP)

The last day was dedicated to agree on the main tasks of the NFPs in strengthening the CEEweb network with enhancing its inside and outside communication as well as with activating sleeping members and finding potential new candidates.

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