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Annual Meeting and RCC 2010


CEEweb Annual Meeting, Working Group meetings and kick off conference of the Resource Cap Coalition in Vác, Hungary, 3–5 November 2010

Call for establishing the Resource Cap Coalition


About 55participants including CEEweb members and presenters on behalf of other organizations from Europe met in charming Vác in Hungary to share ideas on the topic of Resource Use and to discuss the future activities of the network.

The first day was aimed at kicking off the Resource Cap Coalition with the involvement of interested stakeholders from all around Europe. Participants had a chance to listen to different presenters with wide range of experience and ideas related to the topic of the resource use and resource efficiency. After each presentation fruitful discussions were held. Then everyone had the opportunity to discuss the possible role, activities and obstacles of EU Resource Efficiency Flagship Initiative in smaller groups. Attendees ended their day with listening to the presentations of new members.

Iván Gyulai, Institute for Sustainable Development:
Bogdan Atanasiu, Institute for European Environmental Policy:
Samuel Martín-Sosa Rodríguez, Ecologistas en Acción:
Anne Turbe, BIO Intelligence Service:
Leida Rijnhout, Northern Alliance for Sustainability (ANPED):
Matthew Hayes, Open Garden Foundation and Szent István University:
Judit Herman, CEEweb for Biodiversity:
Veronika Kiss, CEEweb for Biodiversity:
Czippán Katalin, Department for Strategy and Research in the Office of the Parliamentary Commissioner for Future Generations:

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During the next day the members of the Working Groups: Natura 2000, Rural Development and sustainable Tourism discussed their activities for the next year. After these meetings participants took a long walk to explore Vác and had a chance to visit the old town of Vác and also a tourist path on the floodplain. The city turned out to be a nice, quiet place with a beautiful trail close to the Danube River.

After the long walk attendees listened to the reports of the Policy Office on networking, communication and capacity building, EU and Pan-European biodiversity policies of CEEweb in 2010 and discussed the CEEweb Working Programme for 2011. At the end of the day all participants had the pleasure to take part in cultural evening during which we tried specialities from different countries.

The third day was devoted to finalizing Work Programme for 2011 and CEEweb Annual Meeting during which the representatives of member organizations voted on new members and CEEweb Work Programme for 2011. The day was packed with lots of discussions and comments. As a result all new member applications as well as the Working Plan for 2011 were adopted.