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How CEEweb works

CEEweb is regulated by the Articles of Association

The Articles of Association define how the network should operate: the mission, aims and tasks of the network, the principles of work, the structure of the organisation, rights and obligations of members and budgetary provisions.

CEEweb strategy 2015-2020

The strategic planning of 2015-2020 is based on the first board meeting’s resolution in 2014 that expressed the need of new priorities and strategic goals in a changing environment and in the light of new challenges.

We work for the benefit of our members

CEEweb is open to individuals and NGOs from the Central and East European region or from any other country actively working in this region. All members are endorsed by the Annual Meeting of CEEweb with a simple majority. Read about the current members of CEEweb and how to become a member of CEEweb >>

We work for the benefit of society

CEEweb is a public benefit organization working for the public good. As a public benefit organization, we have well-defined strict legal obligations to fulfil, among them the yearly publication of our financial and narrative reports.




Public benefit report for 2017, Financial report for 2017, Narrative report for 2017, Resolution of the Annual Meeting

Public benefit report for 2016, Eased Financial Statement for 2016, Narrative Report for 2016, Resolution of the Annual Meeting

Public Benefit report for 2015Eased Financial Statement for 2015, Narrative Report for 2015, Resolution of the Annual Meeting

Public Benefit report for 2014Eased Financial Statement for 2014Narrative report for 2014, Resolution of the Annual Meeting

Public Benefit report for 2013, Eased Financial Statement for 2013, Narrative report for 2013Resolution of the Annual Meeting

Public Benefit report for 2012Financial report for 2012Resolution of the Annual Meeting

Public Benefit report for 2011Financial report for 2011

Public Benefit report for 2010Financial report for 2010

Public Benefit report for 2009Financial report for 2009

Public Benefit report for 2008Financial report for 2008

Public Benefit report for 2007Financial report for 2007

Public Benefit report for 2006Financial report for 2006

We implement our activities through Working Groups

Working Groups are the implementing, expert arms of the Network. These mission-oriented task forces are formed following the recommendations of member organizations, are led by an elected Chair and implement their own work programme.

Read how the Working Groups of CEEweb are established and operate >>

Currently CEEweb runs Working Groups on five different topics: Rural DevelopmentCITESNatura 2000Sustainable Tourism and Policy.

Our priorities are defined through our Work Programme

The main aims and objectives in the various thematic fields are outlined and translated into concrete activities and actions in the annual work programmes of CEEweb. The Annual Meeting is the forum where representatives of the CEEweb member organisations discuss and endorse the document. It is then implemented under the supervision of the General Secretary and with the support of the Policy Office by the Working Groups and members organisations. Work programme for 2017 Work Programme for 2016 Work Programme for 2015 Work Programme for 2014 Work Programme for 2013 Work Programme for 2012 Work Programme for 2011

Decisions are taken by the Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting is the main decision making and planning instrument of the Network. The managing organs of the organization are the Annual Meeting and the Board. Check the details about the Annual Meetings of the CEEweb >>

The Board

The Board is the decision-making body in between the Annual Meetings. The Board consists of the President, Vice-president and one regular member elected by the Annual Meeting. It has meetings together with the Advisory Committee. Read more about the Board and its current members >>

The General Secretary

Among the responsibilities of the General Secretary is the execution of the decisions of the Board, keeping regular contacts with international organisations and donors, making and implementing decisions in regard to economic and financial issues. The General Secretary ensures the public accessibility of the information on CEEweb operation and on how its services can be obtained.

The Supervisory Committee

The CEEweb has a Supervisory Committee of three individuals who monitor the operation and management of the organization.  The meetings of the Supervisory Committee are convened and chaired by the Chair, but the convocation of the Supervisory Committee can be requested in writing from the Chair by any Committee member, indicating the reason and the purpose. Read more about the Supervisory Committee and its current members>>

Staff and offices

Though CEEweb is originally registered in Miskolc and its first office was established there, due to the increasing activities in the national and international policy field it became imperative that CEEweb moves to Budapest. Thus in autumn 2003 the Policy Office was established there, where currently all staff work. After the headquarters officially moved to Budapest in 2006, the office in Miskolc continues to operate as a branch office.

Membership fee

The membership fee is calculated according to the operational cost of the member organizations. Read more>>