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CEEweb’s main objective is to integrate the concept of sustainability into agricultural policies and practices, as well as into the rural development policy, in the European Union and CEE countries. We do so with the aim to maintain and enhance biodiversity on farmlands and in rural areas.

Intensification and unsustainable farming practices pose a major threat to the ecological status of farmlands, while climate change-related risks further increase the vulnerability of not only food production, but also that of rural communities.

Through our work, we aim to contribute to improved agricultural policies and promote nature- and climate-friendly farming practices that effectively build on a sustainable, agroecological approach in food production. We believe that sustainable agriculture — based on healthy soils, resource efficiency, and diversity — can play an integral role in climate change mitigation.


  • Biodiversity policy is integrated into the policies of the agricultural sector
  • A new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) that protects and enhances farmland biodiversity
  • Agricultural policies that integrate sustainable farming approaches built on agroecological practices and resource efficiency
  • Resilient agroecological systems and stakeholders with increased knowledge and awareness on sustainable farming practices
  • Sustainable agriculture becomes essential to climate action in Europe and CEE countries
  • Healthy soils and soil biodiversity are considered essential for food security


  • Contributing to the post-2020 Common Agricultural Policy with strong positions, science-based publications with recommendations and ambitious objectives targeting EU decision- and policymakers
  • Mainstreaming biodiversity policy integration in sectoral policies
  • Position on the status of farmland biodiversity in Europe with recommendations to the CAP for better integrating sustainable agricultural practices and resilient agroecosystems
  • Raising awareness on the importance of healthy soils and soil biodiversity to food security
  • Contributing to common NGO positions calling for agricultural policies and practices that effectively


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