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Climate change represents an existential threat to the future of humankind. In the scales for our survival, changes in the climate threaten to disrupt ecosystem balance and bring about a mass extinction of species around the globe, thus, greatly affecting the natural rendering of ecosystem services so critically needed for the habitability of the planet. How humankind manages to confront what is coming will be critical.

The red line defining what is to come is set at a maximum increase of 2º C compared to pre-industrial levels. But even if accomplishing so, adaptation and mitigation actions will be a must, as well as having an alert eye as how societies throughout the world will be impacts in uneven ways — the most vulnerable groups especially coming from the Global South.

Therefore, at CEEweb, we are currently working in line with the urgent need to activate and help mobilise the European citizenry to press policy- and decision-makers to shift the agenda and, even more, the current system. CEEweb is adamantly working in capacity building and educational activities for the European youth, as well as raising the awareness of the public in general. Our actions range from the development of gamified activities and products to engage the population and raise the understanding of climate change and the need for action, to the analysis, development and advocacy of climate policy proposals that can render a sustainability proof EU budget.


  • To activate and mobilise the European youth on the critical need to tackle climate change and keep global warming below 2º C.
  • To raise the communications capacities of media, influencers and Youth Ambassadors to better convey the challenges of and solutions to climate change.
  • To collaborate with climate activists to press decision-makers on the needs for systemic change.
  • To develop sound policy proposals and recommendations that can better represent the needs of Central and Eastern European countries facing the impacts of climate change.


  • Awareness-raising
  • Capacity-building
  • Environmental education
  • Policy-making
  • Advocacy
  • Gamified activities and product development
  • Networking with climate activists, Climate Youth Ambassadors, media and influencers


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