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GI & Ecosystem Services

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Green infrastructure (GI) covers all-natural, semi-natural, and built green areas on Earth, thus providing all ecosystem services (ES) to each living entity around the Globe.

These smaller and bigger patches of green areas are fragmented by the built environment (i.e., grey infrastructure) created by humans, threatening continuity and assets, and decreasing the value of services provided by nature.

Green Infrastructure development has two main aims: firstly, protecting the already existing green area and, at the very least, preserving it on the actual level; secondly, harmonizing human needs to the first aim while preserving our natural environment and its ecosystem services as intact as possible for next generations.


Within CEEweb for Biodiversity, we are working for the protection of the biodiversity value of green infrastructure, supporting policy processes for its development, and providing knowledge hubs for our members and followers.

CEEweb delivers its work on the Green Infrastructure theme in the following fields:

  • agriculture
  • valuing of ecosystem services
  • forestry
  • wildlife management
  • spatial planning
  • landscape architecture
  • rural development
  • water management


Green Infrastructure:

  • Building a knowledge hub for the Carpathian region on the Carpathian Countries Integrated Biodiversity Information System (CCIBIS).
  • Develop habitat suitability models.
  • Define potential agricultural space involvement and value in green infrastructure systems.
  • Develop e-learning packs.

Ecosystem Services:

  • Evaluation and cost-benefit analysis of ecosystem services.
  • Ecosystem Services analysis
  • Farm to fork & value chain valuation.


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