Public call on the topic of conservation of biodiversity, water, and climate in cities and municipalities in the Central- and Eastern European region

CEEweb invites local governments to provide input to a handbook on their best solutions / practices / case studies / strategies reflecting to our rapidly changing climate

Application deadline: December 01, 2023


CEEweb is looking for municipalities, who wish to:

  • Become partners of the CEEweb network in communicating their local and regional best practices;
  • Submit their local natural water-retention measures, biodiversity conservation and/or climate action, and strategies to CEEweb for review;
  • Introduce their local initiatives in a handbook, developed with the purpose of promoting best practices from the CEE region;
  • Provide information, photos, graphics, and other materials for the handbook;
  • Promote the handbook on our website, social media channels, newsletter, and network.

In exchange, CEEweb offers:

  • Review and comment on your strategies;
  • Collect together the best practices from the CEE region to provide information exchange and the possibility for replication;
  • Connect the partner municipalities into a joint working group;
  • Publication of the best practices in the format of an online handbook;
  • Promote the handbook and the included municipalities on our website and social media channels;
  • Disseminate the handbook among our 35 members, and local/national/regional decision-makers.


We look forward to your contribution to the handbook as a new avenue to strengthening climate actions along the CEE region.

To submit applications, please visit the following site here.

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