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21 March 2014

CEEweb celebrating 20 years

CEEweb has been working and contributing to save our natural heritage in CEE for two decades. In this time, we built out a coherent civil organization network in more than 20 countries that strives for saving biodiversity in our region. We contributed to the development of major national, regional, EU and international conservation and environmental policies and processes with the aim to save species, diverse landscapes and rich ecosystems through the promotion of sustainable development.

In CEEweb, we believe that our 20 years in policy and on the field helped majorly conservation work in Central and Eastern Europe and these past years as well as our future call for further cooperation, collaboration and of course celebration.

To celebrate this annum, we call for our members, contributors, partners and all people related to nature conservation to participate in the celebration and contribute further to nature conservation in several ways.

This year, we are going to launch the CEEweb Award to reward and promote best practices of nature conservation in Central and Eastern Europe. The Award aims to draw public attention and shed light on the importance of the conservation work of our members and other entities and to demonstrate its contribution for protecting European biodiversity. The initiative will award excellence in Natura 2000 and natural resources management, restoration and connectivity of habitats and cooperation. The call in details will be available soon.

Besides, to involve the public more to the celebration, we will continue our Green-Go International Film Contest and the Go-Wild international photo contest to raise more attention on the importance of biodiversity. These calls are scheduled for the International Biodiversity Day on 22nd May.

We will celebrate our 20th Anniversary attached to our CEEweb Academy on Green Infrastructure and to our Annual Meeting, on 7th October in Rackeve Hungary at the Kek Duna Hotel (Domsodi ut 1-3.) starting from 16:30. During the event, we commemorate the best moments of CEEweb.