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4 January 2013

CEEweb presents Natura 2000 workshop results in Brussels

Pawel Pawlaczyk from Naturalists Club Poland represented CEEweb  and showed the outcome of the CEEweb’s Natura 2000 workshop, which took place in Kamienica, Poland on 3-5 October 2012, during the European Commission’s Natura 2000 Management Expert Group on 27 November in Brussels. In the presentation, some specific issues for CEE were accented, namely the still valuable nature, but lack of detailed information and development pressures, where even management planning cannot solve crucial problems and CAP measures, where there is a need for more flexibility to support valuable agrilandscape structures. Within the CAP issues, the problem of small-grain mosaic in agrilandscape in CEE was also highlighted, which is extremely valuable for biodiversiy but not supportable by the present agrienvironmental schemes.

Mr. Pawlaczyk’s presentation on Kamienica Workshop EC Natura 2000 Management Expert Meeting