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22 May 2014

Celebrating biodiversity in our region!

web-of-life Source: CBDToday is international biodiversity day. CEEweb for Biodiversity  and their members celebrate this date with three events in Bulgaria, Hungary and Slovakia!

In Hungary we are organizing a day to raise attention on the importance of biodiversity with interesting presentations on pollination, forests, sustainable agriculture and flood protection. At the end of the day, we celebrate the day with the best of  biodiversity’s Green-Go short film selection.

In Slovakia on Saturday BROZ will inform people about freshwater’s ecosystem importance in Bratislava, while in Bulgaria a press conference and discussion on Natura 2000 development in Bulgaria are organized by Bulgarian Biodiversity FoundationA digital exhibition on Natura 2000 will be organized on Economedia website, the most popular Internet news agencies in Bulgaria. A traveling exhibition on the importance of Natura 2000 is developed and exhibited on two big nature fests and the biggest Bulgarian cities.