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ceeweb_consultingWhat is CEEweb Consulting?

A Consulting Consortium formed by leading European Nature Conservation networks: CEEweb for Biodiversity, European Centre for Nature Conservation and Green City Hungary.

We decided to come together and help YOU make Green Infrastructure happen.

We act as a platform, think-tank and networker. We provide professional consulting, coaching and project management.

Learn more about the Consortium partners:

CEEweceeweb_logob for Biodiversity is a network of 60 nature conservation organisations, all based in the new EU member states and other South and East European countries. Our mission is the protection of biodiversity through the enhancement of sustainable development. We have our strategic focuses on 1.Sustainable resource use, 2.Business and Biodiversity, 3.Sustainable land use and rural development (Green and Blue Infrastructure and CAP), 3.Site and species conservation management (focus on Natura 2000).

ECNecnclogoC-European Centre for Nature Conservation is a non-governmental organization working for a beautiful Europe based on a rich biodiversity, healthy ecosystems and sustainable development. ECNC promotes an integrated approach for both land and sea and actively stimulates the interaction between science, society and policy. Since its establishment in 1993 ECNC has developed a working partnership with an extensive network of organizations and institutes from all over Europe.

Green City HungaryGreen City was founded by the Plant Publicity Holland movement in 2002 in Floriade, Netherlands at the International Horticultural Exposition. Green City’s objective was to help answer the serious problems of urbanization. In the Netherlands – a small country with high population density – establishment and preservation of green spaces is a key issue. Despite the long history of urban gardening and green surface preservation, as well as the resources spent on their maintenance, the area of green urban spaces has declined gradually in recent years. The Green City movement started in order to counteract this trend and look for answers to the problems of urbanisation. Green City promotes urban greenery implementation and emphasizes the tangible financial benefits it delivers to city dwellers.