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Policy Office

Address: 1021 Budapest, Széher út 40, Hungary

Tel.: +36-1-398-0135

Fax: +36-1-398-0136

Email: office [at] ceeweb [dot] org

How to reach the Policy Office


1. Public transport

You can buy tickets at kiosks, metro stations and from vending machines. You should validate a different ticket every time when getting on buses and trams.

A. Arrival at Nyugati pályaudvar (Western railway station): Take the tram number 4 or 6 just outside the train station, direction Széll Kálmán tér (it will cross the Margit Bridge). Get off at the end stop: Széll Kálmán tér (previously Moszkva tér).

At Széll Kálmán tér take bus number 129 (from Várfok utca, the small hill at the square). Go to Bölöni György staircase (the second stop with such a name, as this bus runs in circle), right after the final stop called Széher út. The office is at the bus stop.

Alternatively you can also take the tram 61 (direction: Huvösvölgy) at Széll Kálmán tér and travel as far as the 7th stop: Kelemen László utca. Cross the street and start walking uphill on Bognár utca. You will find soon a small square with a CBA supermarket. There turn right to Széher út and follow the street until number 40. Look for our bell “CEEWEB”.

B. Arrival at Keleti pályaudvar (Eastern railway station): Take the metro (red line) to Széll Kálmán tér (direction Déli pu.) and follow the instructions given in A.

C. Arrival at Déli pályaudvar (Southern railway station): Take tram 18, 59 (or 61) to Széll Kálmá tér and follow the instructions given in A.


There are different companies asking different prices, the cheapest is 6×6 Taxi or Fotaxi. You get the best price if you order taxi by phone (+36-1-222-2222 for Fotaxi or +36-1-266-666 for 6×6 Taxi).


1. Public transport

Take the Airport bus (Reptéri busz) (runs every 15 minutes from the airport) to the end station (Kobánya-Kispest). There take the metro (blue line) and go to Deák tér, where the metro lines cross. There change to red line (direction Déli pu.) and go to Széll Kálmán tér. From there follow the instructions as in A.

You can buy bus ticket from the driver of Airport bus, and at kiosks, metro stations and from vending machines in the city. You should validate every time when getting on buses and trams.

2. Airport shuttle minibus

An easy way to get to any place in Budapest is the airport shuttle minibus. You can change money in the arrival hall. Pick up your luggage, and pass through customs. You will find a desk for the LRI Airport Passenger Service in the meeting area of the airport. Give the person the address of the CEEweb office.

The fare is HUF 5200 for one person for one-way ticket (6200 HUF for two persons) and HUF 10,000 for one person for return ticket (12,000 HUF for two persons) to and from the CEEweb office.

3. Taxi

Taking taxi from the Airport to the CEEweb office is about 5500 HUF if ordered by phone (+36-1-222-2222 for Fõtaxi or +36-1-266-666 for 6×6 Taxi).

Do not forget: if there is an agreement that CEEweb pays for your transport, you should ask for an invoice (“ÁFÁ-s számla” in Hungarian) in advance for the following address: CEEweb, 1021 Budapest, Széher út 40!