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Gallery Cukrarna - Renovation of a run-down historic building in the centre of Ljubljana

Organisation: Umanotera Website: Added: December 12, 2022
Project start date: January 01, 2018
Project end date: December 31, 2021


With the opening of Cukrarna Gallery in September 2021, the Slovenian capital has gained a new venue for exhibiting contemporary art and organizing art events. Cukrarna began life in 1828 as a sugar refinery, burnt down only 30 years later. In the 150 years after that it was used as a home for soldiers, factory workers poor people and artists. In 2008 the municipality of Ljubljana bought the building, which by then was completely run down. The renovation and repurposing of the building took place between 2018 and 2021 and was co-financed by the EU. Ljubljana now has a "new" landmark building, which includes several innovative heating and energy management solutions (more information about these energy efficient solutions can be found in this presentation:

Financial data

MFF 2014-2020: 21.733.113,04 € (of which 10.774.396,00 € from EU)


Historic buildings often cannot be changed too much in the process of renovation (or be simply torn down). Therefore, such buildings are a great test bed for innovative energy efficient solutions. Moreover, life-cycle emissions of such renovation projects are often lower in comparison to building new structures.

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