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Intelligent waste management system in Šitbořice

Organisation: Centre for Transport and Energy Website: Added: January 02, 2023
Project start date: August 07, 2012
Project end date: August 07, 2015


The South Moravian municipality of Šitbořice operates a unique waste sorting system that directly involves residents. They can sort their waste at home in prepared and labelled bags, motivated not only by environmental protection but also by lower municipal waste collection fees. The best sorters pay only CZK 130 per year for their waste. As part of this system, it was necessary to build a collection yard, as well as finance the purchase of bio-waste collection bins.

Financial data

Total cost CZK 14 537 171 for the collection yard and the bins, out of which almost CZK 9 million (EUR 367 148) came from EU funding.


The waste sorting system in Šitbořice is a good example of local community involvement in an environmentally beneficial project. Thanks to the sorting system, the municipality has managed to reduce the volume of municipal waste by more than 50% in four years. More cities should start implementing similar waste management strategies and use the EU funds for funding because the resources are available.

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