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Sustainable development of the rural area by tourism - Consolidation, restoration of the Fortified Unitarian Church Ensemble

Organisation: Focus Eco Center Website: Added: May 09, 2023
Project start date: August 09, 2019
Project end date: January 09, 2021


Romania if famous as sustainable (green, rural) tourism destination, but the infrastructure for this kind of tourism is very poor. Thanks to EU funds several tourism destinations were renovated, ensuring also the energy efficiency of those buildings, reducing in this way the pressure to the mass tourism destinations and reducing the impact (and ecological footprint) of the tourism. 

The architectural heritage of Covasna County represents a very important tourist-cultural potential as a factor for stimulating the local economy. In the medieval period many fortified churches were built against the Tatar attacks in this area. Unfortunately, the condition of these monuments is in a very poor state, some of them even in danger of being completely destroyed. The Unitarian church complex in Aita Mare is one of the most valuable architectural-historical monuments in the county. Over time and due to lack of funds, most of the objectives of the protected ensemble have significantly deteriorated. Being in danger of being destroyed values and very important objects, the whole ensemble urgently required conservation-restoration works. The objectives of the investment proposed by the present project consist in the rehabilitation of the Unitarian Church of Aita Mare, included in the List of Historical Monuments, ROP 2014-2020, with the aim of reintroducing it in the national and international tourist circuit after the project completion and increasing the number of visitors by at least 6%. The works aimed at rehabilitating the interior and exterior of the church, rehabilitating the 3 towers and the enclosure walls, respectively enhancing and restoring the ambience of the interior space

Financial data

6.527.884,80 RON (aprox. 1.420.000 EURO), 95% EU Funds from ROP


The renovation of the old historical monuments as churches or fortresses it is very important for the local communities, because increase the attractiveness of the rural area and de decentralization of the tourism. We recommend to invest in the localization and decentralization of the tourism in the future, which can influence the development of the concerned (rural) areas, can encourage the local production and can stop the decline of these areas.

Information sources

Other info, file:///C:/Users/Dell/Downloads/01_Aita_DAL_POR_5_1_competitiv_1284_Specificatii_tehnice_09_08_2019semnat%20(1).pdf

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