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Danube Region Water Lighthouse Action (DALIA)

Organisation: CEEweb For Biodiversity Website: Added: June 11, 2023
Project start date: January 01, 2023
Project end date: December 31, 2026


The DALIA (Danube Region Water Lighthouse Action) project aims to address the deteriorating state of rivers in the Danube River Basin (DRB) and improve the overall management of this complex ecosystem. With the participation of 22 expert organizations from 8 different Danube EU and Associated countries, DALIA brings together a diverse range of knowledge and expertise necessary to tackle the multidisciplinary challenges of the DRB. The project focuses on integrating the DALIA tool into the Danube Mission Hub to facilitate better decision-making and enhance the restoration of fresh and transitional water ecosystems. By developing strategies and policies, DALIA aims to improve ecosystem connectivity in the DRB, protect local communities and ecosystems from extreme events and pollution threats, and contribute to EU and UN initiatives related to the Water Framework Directive.

Financial data

Total Eligible Budget: €8,627,861.25, EU Contribution: €8,499,236 , EU Funding Percentage: 98.5%


• Foster collaboration and knowledge exchange among expert organizations to maximize the collective expertise and address multidisciplinary challenges effectively.

• Ensure active stakeholder engagement at all stages of the project, including local communities, authorities, SMEs, and NGOs, to promote ownership and support for the implemented strategies and policies.

• Emphasize the importance of ecosystem restoration, protection, and connectivity in the Danube River Basin to raise awareness among policymakers, stakeholders, and the general public.

• Encourage the replication and scaling of successful outcomes and approaches from the DALIA project to a wider network of ecosystems in the DRB, aligned with EU Missions and other related project actions.

• Continuously monitor and evaluate the impact of DALIA's innovative actions to assess their effectiveness, identify lessons learned, and improve future decision-making processes.

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European Climate Initiative (EUKI)
This project is part of the European Climate Initiative (EUKI). EUKI is a project financing instrument by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK). The EUKI competition for project ideas is implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH. It is the overarching goal of the EUKI to foster climate cooperation within the European Union (EU) in order to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.