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Sustainable transport - Cyklo Transportation in NRRP

Organisation: Združenie Slatinka Website: Added: June 03, 2022
Project start date: November 01, 2021
Project end date: December 31, 2024


Slovakia plans to set aside EUR 100 million from the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RFF) for bicycle transport. Bicycle transport is a short-distance transport and is therefore especially effective in cities and nearby suburban areas. Existing support schemes did not take this principle into account and thus contributed little to change the population's actual traffic behaviour. The RFF provides an opportunity to implement a functional strategy to support bicycle transport. According to an estimate of the Slovak NGO Cyclo Coalition, in order to create basic networks in cities and suburban areas throughout Slovakia, it is necessary to build about 900 kilometers of cycle routes, which would cost about EUR 315 million. The amount in the RFF represents almost a third of these necessary costs. Together with the money from the Eurofunds and a call for cycling from the Ministry of Transport, achieving a basic network of safe cycling routes in all cities and their immediate surroundings is a quite realistic goal that can be achieved within a few years. By drawing on RFF support for cycling, the state has signaled that it is serious about promoting sustainable mobility. However, the next steps will be very important if the available funds are to be used as efficiently as possible.

Financial data

Total funding: EUR 100 million from the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF)


Conditions for success: 1) a clear strategy; 2) updated legislation and technical standards; 3) increased capacities at municipal and national levels (ministry); 4) data analysis related to mobility: build where the potential is (data can be used also for public transportation, and the cyclo should be connected to railways).

Information sources

NRRP, Cyklo Coalition

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