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1st round of revitalization of the Skanstes street

Organisation: Pilsēta Cilvēkiem Website: Added: July 13, 2023
Project start date: October 01, 2015
Project end date: December 01, 2023


The specific objective of the project is the construction of new streets with engineering communications below them, by creating a well-connected neighbourhood with other parts of the city with a regional/national sports, entertainment, conference and cultural events centre, accompanied by balanced business building with high-quality offices and jobs in a high-quality, pleasant, diverse and balanced environment. As the re-designed and constructed (new) street sections are located in the degraded area, street construction works are a prerequisite for integrating the neighborhood into the overall urban traffic structure, creating an impetus for the development of the city's overall traffic infrastructure.

Financial data

19,52 mil. EUR Total (EU: 7,93 mil. EUR)


The project has been unsuccessfully implemented for several years and the streets and their underground communications have been submerged to the ground up to a metre before completion. Riga City Council the Department of Development is no longer looking forward to full project realization, but consolidation and much slower, gradual construction. When planning the development of the site, it is important to take into account its geological properties in order to avoid similar situations. Moreover, the existing funding would give a much higher return if it were to invest in the sorting of existing degraded streets and water bodies, not to the construction of new ones, which would, in the long term, lead to even higher costs for the municipality to maintain the street network.

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