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Edelény's Luxurious fruit procession plant

Organisation: CEEweb for Biodiversity Website: Added: October 03, 2023
Project start date: January 01, 2020
Project end date: October 03, 2023


In a scenic location atop Császta hill, near Edelény, a luxurious fruit processing plant was allegedly constructed, reportedly utilising a substantial €265 million from EU rural development funds, the full budget totalling to around half a billion Hungarian Forints. Despite being officially labelled as a "fruit processing plant," it is evident that the primary activities do not align with the proposed activity but rather seem to be focused on wine bottling. This luxurious facility is further accented with features such as a swimming pool and expansive garden chairs, resembling more a luxury accommodation than a site of industrial production. Upon investigation, it was noted that the actual fruit processing activities were almost non-existent, and the facility's availability as a high-end accommodation location raises further questions on the use of EU development funds. The project owner, Bódva-Ép Kft, is a construction company known for securing multiple public procurements in the area. This scenario is indicative of a growing trend where construction companies are securing funds meant for agricultural or processing activities, potentially exploiting loopholes in the grant awarding processes.

Financial data

€265 mil. EUR (From EU rural development funds)


Strengthen the oversight on the allocation and utilisation of EU funds to ensure that they are used for the intended purposes and are in line with the project proposals. Conduct a thorough and impartial investigation into the alleged discrepancies in the allocation and utilisation of the funds in this project. Ensure stricter adherence to guidelines and specifications in project implementation to avoid the diversion of funds to unrelated activities. Regular audits and inspections should be mandatory to verify the authenticity and adherence to the project goals and objectives.

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 Facebook Post : Dates Not specified Note: This information is based on allegations and should be confirmed through official investigations.

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