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NAV Uncovered Several Hundred Million Budget Frauds

Organisation: CEEweb for Biodiversity Website: Added: October 03, 2023
Project start date: October 03, 2013
Project end date: October 03, 2023


NAV, after an exhaustive investigation, exposed considerable financial discrepancies involving two companies located in Budapest and Heves County. These infractions pertained to the misuse of state and EU subsidies, amounting to hundreds of millions of HUF. The companies, both orchestrated and inaugurated by identical entities, professed the ambition to instate fruit and vegetable processing plants. However, anomalies in machinery installation and strategic relocation of equipment delineated their fraudulent intentions. This revelation led to an immediate cessation of previously allocated funds and instigated consequent legal reprisals.

Financial data

• Budapest company: Secured loan of HUF 420 million • Heves company: Pursued subsidy amounting to HUF 270 million


Recommendations: 1. Comprehensive Auditing: Implement a rigorous scrutiny of subsidy application processes and fund allocations. 2. Augmented Transparency: Elevate clarity levels in the channeling of funds, ensuring its legitimate employment. 3. Robust Legal Measures: Adopt inflexible legal protocols to discourage and penalize any fraudulent undertakings.

Information sources

Other info

• NAV • Office of Agriculture and Rural Development

This information is based on allegations and should be confirmed through official investigations.

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